We are Totam Seeds

Our story

We are an innovative and agile Dutch seed breeding company that develop varieties for high tech greenhouse tomatoes production.

We are founded by growers for growers: we know and understand very well the challenges, difficulties and needs that a grower faces every day.

Since 2020 we are part of the Mitsui Group with greater resources and enthusiasm to bring you new and exciting tomato breeds!

Our history


Founded by Dutch tomato growers

Founded in 2010 by the passion and initiative of three agricultural entrepreneurs, Totam Seeds has grown rapidly over the years. Since our start in 2010 we have been breeding tomatoes for high tech greenhouses.

Prominent becomes main shareholder

Prominent, a large Dutch tomato production organization, becomes main shareholder bringing the knowledge of their growers to provide direction to breeding and evaluating Totam varieties.


Experienced tomato breeder joins the company

Toon van de Ven becomes our R&D Lead bringing over 30 years of breeding experience and determining the development of various successful tomato varieties.

First results of the new breeding program

Over 700 new crosses to offer a diverse collection of tomatoes that brings great resistances and growing power with a clear focus on taste & flavor.

Totam Seeds becomes part of the Mitsui group

We continue our path of growth and development by deploying new resources in R&D, Product Development, and Marketing and Sales. While fully producing under the GSPP protocol we operate in over 10 countries worldwide. We are agile because we are small, flexible and innovative!

Totam Seeds continues to grow

The Totam Team expands: a new Junior Breeder in May, and a new Farm Manager & Supply Chain Manager in September joined the company.
30 trials are underway around the world: from North America to Japan, from the North Europe to North Africa with commercial and pre commercial varieties.

Meet the Totam Seeds team

Fulvio Berton

Product Development and Sales 

Passion and dedication
Fulvio, with a deep and extensive knowledge of the seed sector after having held numerous operational and strategic roles in international contexts, has the task of consolidating and further expanding the Totam Seeds business together with Totam’s Team.

Toon van de Ven

R&D Lead

Creativity and experience

Toon has a solid over thirty year experience in breeding build up through major international companies.  He is responsible for developing the pipeline and managing the overall breeding strategy.

Vera Veltkamp

Junior Breeder

Enthusiasm and initiative
Vera, is the New Junior Tomato Breeder, bringing young energy in the company. Vera is assisting Toon van de Veen in the activities going to enhance Totam’s offer. She held a PhD at Wageningen University with the thesis: “A sweeter tomato: cracking the Cis-regulatory code of genes controlling sugar accumulation in tomato”.

Ewelina Rojek

Assistant Breeder

Concreteness and determination
“Eve”, as she is known in Totam, has a broad experience in breeding activities, and she oversees the entire cultivation process, from sowing to crossing and harvesting.

Ariën van der Lans

Variety Evaluation Support

Calmness and dedication
Ariën joined Totam in 2013 contributing with his deep technical experience in the evaluation of tomato varieties. Since then, Ariën has further developed his competencies ranging from breeding to seed packaging, being able to easily interact with different stakeholders.

Ruud Leerdam

Sales Support

Dedication and creativity

Ruud is one of the founding partners of Totam Seeds in 2010, with decades of experience, especially in tomato production. He has important former posts in Lema Tomaten , Frisland and Samax.

Pieter Vermeulen

Product Development Manager

Available and active

Pieter, Product Development Manager at Totam, brings with him a broad experience in the seed industry, gained in various areas such as sales management, agronomy, account management and agribusiness.

Seniz Pektas

Customer Service and Marketing

Harmony and dedication

Seniz has a solid professional experience gained in more than 30 years in marketing and quality assurance. Seniz is Customer Service and Marketing Manager at Totam. She is also ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and ICF Certified Coach.

Our values


Totam Seeds was created by growers for growers. We know very well the needs and challenges that our customers face, just as we know the satisfaction that comes from a superior quality product.

Long-term Partnerships

In Totam Seeds, we strongly believe that our customers success is determining our success. We want to build long-term partnerships based on values such as trust, respect, fairness, and reliability.

Custom Professional Advice

Our aim is to make you achieve your objectives. By providing you with our knowledge of the product and market, our decades of experience, our breeders and crop specialists so that the choice of the variety, is the most suitable one to meet your needs.

Expertise and Innovation

Totam Seeds distinguishes itself through cultivation, breeding and product knowledge into excellent products as we listen carefully to the wishes of customers and partners working in our innovative High-tech Research & Development Centre.

Product offer

We focus on seeds for high tech greenhouse tomatoes. With a wide range of quality varieties including Cherry, Cocktail, ToV Medium & ToV Large, Beef, Mini Plum and Plum, Specialties and Rootstock tomatoes, we have become a global and valued player on the market.


We put attention and care in all the selection processes of our products. Our breeding, research & development, and production sites meet the highest hygiene and quality requirements and are fully certified according to GSPP (Good Seed & Plant Practices) guidelines.

High tech tomatoes

Large & Medium


  • Total production 85% 85%
  • Shelf life 65% 65%
  • Flavour 45% 45%



  • Color 70% 70%
  • Flavour 90% 90%
  • Shape 40% 40%



  • Flavour 75% 75%
  • Total production 45% 45%
  • Appearance 60% 60%

Mini plum


  • Color 85% 85%
  • Flavour 90% 90%
  • Shape 95% 95%

Sales & Trials

Europe, North America and Central America

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New Zealand

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