About us

Totam Seeds is a progressive and innovative seed breeding company.

totam seeds

Totam Seeds is a progressive and innovative seed breeding company of tomato seeds for lit and non-lit glass cultivation, specialized in the development of tomato varieties with a good taste, high quality and high yield.

The varieties of Totam Seeds focus on the values of the grower and the direct market demand with a focus on people and the environment. Your choice of TOTAM Seeds is the most responsible choice for the highest possible result.

What distinguishes TOTAM Seeds?

Long-term partnerships

TOTAM Seeds is not only focused on the distribution and sale of high-quality tomato seeds. TOTAM’s additional focus points are new and existing customers. Both are considered to be long-term partners, with the aim of entering into long-term and close cooperation with a desired result for both parties.

Personal & Professional advice

To achieve the ultimate result for our partners, our breeders and crop specialists advise the most suitable tomato varieties to our customers in a professional and personal matter. This advice is based on internal product and market knowledge and multiple decades of experience and cooperation. TOTAM Seeds solely recommends a product if we are ensured it is the perfect match for the customer’s situation. The obtained feedback from the customers after choosing for TOTAM Seeds hereafter improves the product offering of TOTAM and its professional advice.

Expertise and Innovation

TOTAM Seeds distinguishes itself by cultivation, breeding and product knowledge. Direct ties with globally operating cultivators and decades of experience have ensured this. In order to convert this knowledge into an excellent product, we listen carefully to the wishes of customers and partners. To ensure this Superior product quality in the future, we work according to the guidelines of Good Seed & Plant Practices (GSPP) in our always innovative High-tech Research & Development Centre.


Totam Seeds was founded in 2010 by a collaboration of agricultural entrepreneurs, named as ‘Green Seeds’. Over the years, TOTAM Seeds has developed various successful tomato varieties that are superior in terms of quality, performance and cost than currently existing varieties. TOTAM Seeds operates from its head office in the region of ‘Het Westland’ in the Netherlands, where the global working and cultivation climate in terms of greenhouse agriculture and professional breeding is at the highest level globally.


TOTAM Seeds is a transparent company, existing of several business layers that cooperate closely together to achieve the best possible results. These layers consist of the production and breeding department and its employees, employees of our Research and Development centre, sales and account managers, cultivation consultants and top management. The vision of TOTAM SEEDS is determined, among other things, by the existing shareholders and experienced employees within the organization. They are 100% committed to creating added value for existing and new customers on a daily basis.

Goals and long-term vision

TOTAM Seeds is created by cultivators and aims to assist cultivators worldwide. TOTAM has set a main goal of being and remaining an independent tomato seed production company of superior quality – by remaining a strong and flexible organization – with a realistic and fair buying price for its customers. With the aim to continuously innovate and to continuously grow as a company in order to meet all wishes and expectations of our partners in the future. The determination of shareholders and employees contributes to achieving this long-term vision.

Market development and position

TOTAM Seeds focuses specifically on high-quality tomato seeds for professional cultivation. With a wide range of different varieties including Mini Cherry, Cherry, cocktail, medium, large, meat, plum and specialty tomatoes, TOTAM has become a global player in the professional tomato seed market. TOTAM is constantly exploring new markets to offer our products and advice everywhere.


TOTAM Seeds selects its products under different practical circumstances. Our breeding, research and development and production locations meet the highest hygiene and quality requirements and are fully certified.

The unparalleled product knowledge in all its facets distinguishes TOTAM Seeds in the market. TOTAM Seeds’ working method is characterized by:

  • Extensive quality testing according to the Good Seed & Plant Practices (GSPP) guidelines.
  • Superior product quality and knowledge.
  • Extensive experience in the field of breeding, cultivation and advice.
  • High-tech Research & Development Centre and demonstration greenhouse.