Why choose for Totam Seeds?

Totam Seeds is a no-nonsense seed company and develops varieties with great taste, high quality and high yield. Totam Seeds varieties are geared to the values of the growers and market demand, with attention to people and planet.

What makes Totam Seeds different?
  • Proximity to markets
  • Expertise in both growing and improvement
  • Collaboration with specialists
  • Worldwide dealer network


Totam Seeds was founded by a group of agricultural entrepreneurs in 2010 under the name of Green Seeds. Totam Seeds develops tomato varieties which are superior to those currently available in terms of quality, performance and price.

They operate in the Dutch area of Westland, which enjoys one of the best climates for work and growing anywhere in the world.

Totam Seeds team

Ruud Leerdam, shareholder

Ruud is the visionary of the team. Thanks to his background, he is perfect for the function of leader. He creates, monitors and coordinates. As a leader, he also pulls the cart and ensures the team working and proper functioning.
Ruud Leerdam, shareholder

/ +316 54 90 72 76
Ariën van der Lans, shareholder

Ariën is the most active shareholder and therefor essential for Totam Seeds. Next to the financial investment his knowledge of breeding, his experience as a leading tomato grower and the wide network of contacts are priceless.
Ariën van der Lans, shareholder

/ +316 51 85 04 80
Toon van de Ven, head breeding

As head breeding, Toon is engaged to  the development of new varieties. He gathers the best what nature has to offer and crosses these species to develop new tomato varieties. 
From red to purple, from high production to taste sensation; nothing is impossible!
Toon van de Ven, head breeding

/ +316 51 52 30 63
Niels Koolstra, manager

From former customer and colleague contact person to selling the seeds of Totam Seeds. Niels ensures the excellent team performance and provide a royalty treatment to the customers.
Niels Koolstra, manager

/ +316 37 61 46 18
Ewelina Rojek, Breeding

As assistant breeding, the greenhouse is the work field of Ewelina. Plant care, seed yield, hybrids and sowing are her responsibility. She selects, assesses and manages processes. Data collection and processing of all our races? She is a genius!
Ewelina Rojek, Breeding

/ +31 174 440 014
Tomasz Turczynski, crop employee

Tomasz is responsible for the cultivation in the company. He ensures optimal plant care and does the production. Basically, he is the man, who always can be found in the greenhouse!

Tomasz Turczynski, crop employee

/ +316 44 94 50 13

Our approach

Totam Seeds makes its selections in a variety of practice situations, but all our breeding and production locations are fully certified and meet the very highest hygiene and quality standards.

It is Totam Seeds' unrivalled product expertise that sets the company apart from the rest.

Aims & vision

Totam Seeds – developed for growers by growers – was conceived as an independent tomato seed producer, dedicated to ensuring realistic seed prices for its customers by remaining a lean and flexible organisation.