Who creates our tomato varieties?


Totam Seeds was founded in 2010, making it one of the youngest breeding companies in the world. That is nothing special in itself, but despite our 'youth', we are certainly ambitious, and we’re going from strength to strength when it comes to expertise, varieties and customers. And it is the expertise we can access in particular which makes Totam Seeds unique among breeders.

In any breeding company, it is the breeder who is responsible for the development of new varieties. And that's no different at Totam Seeds, except that our breeder can count on a bit of extra practical help. 
A new tomato variety?
The growers’ association Prominent is the major shareholder of Totam Seeds. This means that no less than 30 tomato growers are involved in our breeding business. Such a wealth of accumulated practical knowledge is invaluable when it comes to the development of new varieties. The point is that these entrepreneurs, by virtue of the expertise and experience they have built up in the everyday practice of their profession, know exactly what requirements a new variety needs to meet. 
The starting point
So, instead of developing new varieties and simply hoping that they will catch on in practice, we reverse the process. Totam Seeds engages with its potential customers – the growers who can transform a new variety into the latest success story. The wishes of the growers are our starting point. It is their requirements which are the basis of our breeding programme.