Tolima: the tasteful heavyweight


Tolima is a superb cluster 150-160 grams variety with an excellent fruit quality and it is ideally suited to long-term crops. Growers are especially enthused by the excellent flavour, high total production as well as the variety's (dark) red colour.

Tolima has proven itself in practice under various conditions since 2015.
Fruit properties
  • Cluster tomato (150-160 grams)
  • Dark red colour
  • Good flavour
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Very early production
  • High total production
Crop properties
  • Fast setting
  • Generative growth habit
  • Strong truss
  • Great vigour
  • HR ToMV:0-2
  • HR Ff:A-E
  • HR Fol:0,1
  • HR For
More information?
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