The story of Totam Seeds


The tomato varieties of the future are growing in our greenhouse seven days a week. All are eager to show their value, but ultimately we will only select the best of the best. We don't operate alone however... top-notch Dutch growers are actively involved in the breeding, selection and screening. This was initiated when Totam Seeds was founded in 2010 by a group of tomato growers, and it has not changed since.

Totam Seeds started in the way most plant breeding businesses do; by collecting germplasm. We rented a number of alleys in a Westland-based greenhouse to make crosses, and so selections. This was followed after some years by our first trials and sales.

Our plant breeding business progressed rapidly when the growers association Prominent joined the company as a shareholder in 2014. Our breeding department grew exponentially, leading to a tremendous increase in crossings and screening of varieties. Investments have also been made in GSPP, a company-owned nursery, and in new plant-improvement technology. Obviously our breeding experts benefit from the increased input of the 30 - hands on - oriented  tomato growers who make up Prominent – nobody knows the requirements that the perfect tomato variety must meet better than these Dutch growers.

When the business was founded, the shareholders decided to create a different type of breeding company; a business that would focus on a single product group and aimed to be the absolute best in that domain. And how exactly will we know when we are the best? When all our varieties meet the high standards of production, flavour and tenability necessary to ensure that they provide added value for growers, retailers and consumers alike.