Our new varieties!


In 2018 we had a record number of new hybrids in our demo greenhouse. We ‘followed’ 450 new tomato varieties in the screening department for the duration of one whole year. At the end of 2018 we only selected the best performing tomato varieties for the second screening (at professional growers).

We collect data like fruit weight, yield, shelf life, green parts and brix. In total we selected 13 new varieties for the second screening:
  • 3x large
  • 3x medium
  • 2x cocktail
  • 2x cherry
  • 2x specialty
The second screening (started in 2019) will be done by professional Dutch growers of the growers association Prominent. But we also have places trials at other growers worldwide, for example Canada, United States, New Zealand, Mexico and several countries in Europe.

Are you interested?
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