Narino: under all circumstances


Narino is a superb large cluster tomato variety (145-155 grams) with an outstanding appearance. This variety is very popular by virtue of its high total production, long shelf life and superb flavour. Narino always holds its ground, even under extreme circumstances such as high temperatures.

The Narino variety has been tested on a large scale both in the Netherlands and abroad in varying conditions.
Fruit properties
  • Large cluster (145-155 grams)
  • Dark red colour
  • Very early and high production
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Firm fruit
  • Good flavour
Crop properties
  • Great vigour
  • Excellent setting
  • Attractive green parts
  • Generative growth habit
  • Open crop
  • HR: ToMV:0-2
  • HR: Ff:A-E
  • HR: Va/Vd
  • HR: Fol:0,1
  • HR: Forl
  • IR: On
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