Dutch quality


Everyone is looking for the highest quality at the best price, even though this often involves a compromise to reach an acceptable outcome. But 'acceptable' isn’t a word you’ll find in our dictionary at Totam Seeds – we go for perfection.

At Totam Seeds we always seek the optimum price/quality ratio, and we believe that only the highest quality tomato seed is good enough. In addition, our aim is to ensure that every link in the chain (including those who buy our seeds) can earn a good livelihood, so we always charge a realistic price for our seed, taking revenue/production, cultural conditions and resistance into account.
Our quality
Quality is a great word, but in point of fact, it doesn’t amount to much without a proper definition, because quality means different things to different people. In the Netherlands, we are renowned for our expertise, our knowhow and the excellence of our greenhouse horticulture. Thanks to our shareholder Prominent (a growers’ association) we have access to the expertise and knowledge of more than thirty fellow-growers; Dutch growers who understand the standards that the perfect tomato variety needs to meet.

Seeds from Totam 
Totam Seeds may be a young and growing business, but when it comes to quality we don't skimp one single euro. Our seeds are always produced at GSPP-certified locations and meet the highest of standards. And every batch is subjected to additional testing to pinpoint any problems at an early stage, long before the seeds are sold.