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Totam Seeds is a no-nonsense seed company and develops varieties with great taste, high quality and high yield.

Totam Seeds varieties are geared to the values of the growers and market demand, with attention to people and planet.


Tolima: the tasteful heavyweight


Tolima is a superb cluster 150-160 grams variety with an excellent fruit quality and it is ideally suited to long-term crops. Growers are especially enthused by the excellent flavour, high total production as well as the variety's (dark) red colour.
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Our varieties and flavours

Taste, quality and yield are naturally of paramount importance, but we know that you would also like a choice, and that is why we offer a wide range of varieties and tastes. Our product range has been selected by and for growers.

Have we made you curious? Please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit and a tasting session at our demo nursery!

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Demo greenhouse

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